Transmission & Differential Fluid Change

The car should be jacked and supported level. The drain and fill plug have a 3/8" square head, so use a 3/8" drive extension on a ratchet wrench. The drain plug in on the passenger's side, near the bottom-side of the case. The fill plug is on the driver's side about 4" above the bottom of the case. Clean around both plugs first. Your owner's manual has a picture of the fill plug. The threads should be sealed with a sealant, so the plugs do offer a bit of resistance when removing them. Clean and seal the threads before reinstalling and torque both plugs to 20 ft-lbs. I recommend you use a synthetic Dexron III transmission fluid, Redline, Amsoil, or Royal Purple, capacity is 3.5 quarts. You need some sort of hand pump with an extension tube to refill the case. Most auto parts stores have them for around $5-$20. Your local Pep Boys will take the dirty fluid for free!

Change the differential fluid with a synthetic 85W-90 gear oil (1.5 quarts), Redline, Amsoil, or Royal Purple,. Same process only about a foot further aft! Drain and fill plugs need a "straight" 3/8" allen key wrench, make sure you have one before jacking up the car. The drain plug is on the bottom of the case between the cooling fins. The fill plug is on the rear of the case. You should also add a Limited Slip Differential Additive before the gear oil..